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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] Document Linux's memory barriers
    You need to explain the difference between the compiler reordering and the 
    control of the compilers arrangement of loads and stores and the cpu
    reordering of stores and loads. Note that IA64 has a much more complete
    set of means to reorder stores and loads. i386 and x84_64 processors can
    only do limited reordering. So it may make sense to deal with general
    reordering and then explain i386 as a specific limited case.

    See the "Intel Itanium Architecture Software Developer's Manual"
    (available from intels website). Look at Volume 1 section 2.6
    "Speculation" and 4.4 "Memory Access"

    Also the specific barrier functions of various locking elements varies to
    some extend.
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