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SubjectRE: IBM HDAPS things are looking up (was: Re: [Hdaps-devel] Re: [ltp] IBM HDAPS Someone interested? (Accelerometer))

> Hello,
> Just for the records....
> -----
> root@ecam:~$ ./headpark /dev/hda
> head not parked 4c
> -----
> HDD is a desktop Maxtor Diamond MaxPlus 9 120GB
> on a Promise Ultra133 TX2 IDE Controller.
> Well, sure, it's not a notebook HDD, but maybe it's possible
> to give headpark a more generic way to get the heads parked?
> Are the commands different per HDD model / manufacturer?
> Then we might need some information to send the proper
> commands to the different types?!
> And if there is no headpark command, might it be valuable to send
> the HDD a shutdown instead?
> PS:
> I'm working on an embedded PowerPC (MPC8540) system which
> will be turned into a high-resolution portable camera in
> the future (with acceleration sensors for the right image
> orientation). Therefore it will likely be another candidate
> for a Drop'n'Park or Drop'n'Stop (tm) feature as are planning
> to put a 2.5" notebook HDD into the cam, too.
> Greets,
> Clemens Koller


Thanks for bringing this up. We were actually in a conversation about this
subject in IRC a couple of minutes ago, and this actually came up. It would
be a good idea to kick this little script into the kernel so that people
that develop new accelerometers will be able to just make the call from the
script already in the kernel.

How do we go by making this script maybe more broad, or simple so that it
can be implemented on more devices?

We could either leave this for only some hard drives, like camera's and
notebooks and use hdparm for other systems, or then use this script for all

What could we do?


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