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    SubjectRe: Solving suspend-level confusion

    > > Very easy... with the current code, just use state 4 for the round
    > > of suspend callbacks, ide-disk will then avoid spinning down.
    > There are some network drivers that test for "4" and fails suspend
    > with something like "invalid suspend state" :-(.

    Easily fixed. Again, i'm not afraid of fixing driver, few enough of
    them care at all at this point. I'll send some patches this week-end
    to patrick for his bk tree adding the basic ppc support and renumbering
    the PM callbacks, I havne't changed the type yet though, that's a more
    tedious work and I'm a lazy guy ;)

    I have taken care of various fbdev's too, though for some like atyfb,
    I'm blocked until the new rewritten version gets upstream. I'm trying
    to get it to -mm at least, news soon on this front.

    I'll do other drivers asap.


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