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    SubjectRe: Possible dcache BUG
    On Thursday 05 August 2004 04:33, Denis Vlasenko wrote:
    >> Well, it has, in the past week, ran memtest86-3a for 12 full
    >> passes over the whole gig of ram with no errors. This was the
    >> longest test, I gave it a 2 hour, 5 pass test before I ever booted
    >> linux the first time on this motherboard over 2 weeks ago now, a
    >> new Biostar M7NCD-Pro, with an nforce2(3?) chipset. I did that
    >> because I was comeing from an older board whose memory had been
    >> overstressed by a failing video card and I wanted to make sure
    >> this new memory, nearly $210 worth of it, was good. I gave it
    >> another, probably 4 hour test after the first couple of crashes,
    >> which it also passed. And it got
    >You may use cpuburn to test RAM/CPU too.

    Setiathome should be doing a pretty good job of that, the cpu is at
    100% 99.99% of the time. Only going down for a few seconds as its
    managing script switches the link to a new data packet directory when
    its done with the current one. I keep 101 packets cached here. :)

    >Although I have a memory which, when clocked a bit too high,
    >pass both memtest86 and cpuburn for extended periods of time,
    >yet large compile runs die with sig11 sometimes. Using a tiny
    >bit less aggressive clocking helped. :)

    Cheers, Gene
    "There are four boxes to be used in defense of liberty:
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    -Ed Howdershelt (Author)
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    by Gene Heskett are:
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