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    SubjectRe: Linux Incompatibility List
    On Sat, 2004-08-21 at 16:20, Wakko Warner wrote:
    > > >Ideas/comments/suggestions are welcome at this stage.
    > >
    > > Sounds interesting; is there a vendor blacklist (i.e. vendors that are
    > > either hostile toward or simply don't care about Linux and their products
    > > just won't ever work with Linux?)
    > Broadcom's wireless chips come to mind...

    Nvidia. AFAIK all nvidia Linux drivers are either binary-only or

    To add insult to injury they have a stupid 20+page 'Nvidia Linux
    Advantage' whitepaper on their site that conveniently fails to mention
    the above. They probably spent more money for some marketroid to put
    that together than they ever spent on actually supporting Linux.


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