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SubjectRe: [OT] Confirmation Spam Blocking was: List 'linux-dvb' closed to public posts
On Thu, Jan 22, 2004 at 11:56:33AM -0500, David Ford wrote:
> Considering that Bayesian filters are useless against the new spam that
> is proliferating these days, that's laughable. Spam now comes with a
> good 5-10K of random dictionary words.
> I use challenge-response and the only spam that gets to my inbox now
> comes from lists. I pre-listed all my buddies in my whitelist, only new
> senders that I'm not yet aware of have to go thru the challenge process.
> If you can't handle clicking on a link to authorize your email, then I'm
> not interested in your email. If that tiny few seconds of effort is a
> waste of your time, then writing your email to me was also a waste of
> your time.

Well, isn't it just fscking great... So in order to send you an email
I have to
a) cut the URL from your reply
b) suspend mutt(1)
c) type lynx '' and paste the damn thing in there
d) pray that your setup doesn't use Javashit or something equally
That, BTW, assumes that your reply will make it through the filters on
my side. The most obvious ones take care of HTML mail. As in "Dave
Null might care, I don't"...
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