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SubjectRe: [OT] Confirmation Spam Blocking was: List 'linux-dvb' closed to public posts

> David> Getting well over 900 spams a day on average, almost double on
> David> mondays, just isn't my cup of tea. There is no one solution to
> David> spam. I pre-filter with spamassassin using all it's tools,
> David> anything scoring high automatically gets /dev/nulled. Those
> David> include bayesian, pattern matches, DNSBL, etc. Next I attempt
> David> to filter viruses and the like. The remainder goes through
> David> TMDA.
> Maybe you should consider using it properly, guess what it does work.
> David> Hmm, 900 spams in my mailbox, or half a dozen due to lists.
> David> I'll take the second.
> 600 spams in my spambox over the last 48 hours, _1_ in my inbox, guess
> that speaks for itself.

Why some people gets so much spam ??, I'm getting like 20-50 at
most(usually less), and I post to slashdot, i'm suscribed to several
mailing lists. I have 3 mail accounts, all of the for years, more than

I get about 1 or 2 spams on my inbox, and sa-learn has worked quite well
on my box.

I have never received a "random words" spam.

It's kind of weird.

Do the pople that gets ~600 spamd daily get a lot of repeated messages
or they are all different ?

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