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SubjectRe: horrible usb keyboard bug with latest tests
Andries Brouwer <> wrote:
> > For me too, even with a normal keyboard attached to the PS/2 keyboard port.
> > In my case it's very rare, and not a 'constant stick' but short 'pulse' of
> > the same character like displaying 'kkkkkkkkk' in my terminal even if I'm
> > sure that I didn't forget my finger on the key. OK, it's not a showstopper
> > bug, but sometimes annoying. It's 2.6.0-test3 (vanilla).
> Yes, I see this too, but very infrequently.
> For the 2.6 kernels key repeat is not taken from the keyboard but is
> done via a kernel timer, and clearly the code is not quite correct.
> I have not yet been able to detect it before I already
> had hit the next key but maybe somebody else can answer:
> When does this repeat stop?
> Does it stop because the next key has been hit?
> And: does it occur more often when the machine has high load?

It happens to me madly on one of my machines. The machine is just some
three-year-old PS/2 setup. It's due to mouse activity.

To reproduce:

1: press and hold a key

2: start moving the mouse in large, rapid circles

3: release the key.

The keystrokes continue to be inserted for an arbitrarily long period: it's
easy to generate thousands of them. The mouse has to be moved in circles:
moving it from side-to-side causes small stops which allow things to
correct themselves.

It's quite irritating in practice.

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