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    SubjectRe: New BK License Problem?
    Hash: SHA1 wrote:
    |>You can argue all you like that I'm wrong, I'm misguided, I don't have
    |>a clue about opensource or whatever. The problem is that if I did what
    |>you'd like to see, GPL the code, and it turns out I was right, there is no
    |>turning back. That's a gamble I'm unwilling to make because I am positive
    |>of the outcome. And given what I've been doing for the last 5 years,
    |>my knowledge is probably more complete than your for this particular
    |>space. I know it isn't a popular position to take, I'd love to be the
    |>guy everyone loved instead of hated, but I'm not going to screw up BK's
    |>future and our ability to support our users to win a popularity contest.
    | Roughly how much would you want to raise, in order to GPL Bit Keeper?
    Seriously, this was done with Blender...
    | John.

    Blender's parent company, NotANumber, went bankrupt.
    That's not the case of bitmover I think...
    And I think Larry wants to keep his own business, he has the right to do

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