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I've undertaken quite a task; I'm rewriting all the config-menus at the
moment (for all platforms) to make them more uniform (same indentation
everywhere, etc.)

A few things that I've added, that I want comments on:

o A "Code maturity"-menu for PPC, as it was the only port without this

o A "Prompt for drivers/code flagged DANGEROUS" option in the
code-maturity section that is conditional depending on EXPERIMENTAL

o (EXPERIMENTAL) has been added to all drivers inside CONFIG_EXPERIMENTAL
if's, and CONFIG_EXPERIMENTAL if's has been added where missing

o All drivers/code saying DANGEROUS has been changed from

o Some smaller fixes has been made (for instance, there was two
occurences of "Frame-buffer support" in the MIPS-port

o I've indented all the config-files in a uniform way

I've of course also included the other patches I did earlier in the same

Now, my main question is:

"Is this something I'm going to hate myself forever for doing -- something
that noone will accept, or is it something that could actually be accepted
into the kernel mainstream?"

My patches are against v2.3.17, if anyone wonders.

/David Weinehall
_ _
// David Weinehall <> /> Northern lights wander \\
// Project MCA Linux hacker // Dance across the winter sky //
\> </ Full colour fire </

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