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    SubjectYour backup is unsafe!
    DONT PANIC! It's only Win9X, nothing serious.

    The problem is that you don't see the whole name on a VFAT partition.
    As you'll know there are two parts to the name the 8+3 part and the
    fakename but you can only see one bit at a time.

    Suppose you do something like this:

    mount -t vfat /dev/hda1 /dos
    tar cvf /dev/rmt0 /dos

    This will save the fakename but not the 8+3 name, if you do a restore
    linux will _normally_ regenerate the same 8+3 name, but not always.

    "So what" you say, well it's like this; there are LFN programs that store
    the 8+3 name not the long one, for example MS Office. If everything has
    gone just right and the 8+3 name of one of the few bad files changes the
    restore will fail for no visable reason.

    So I'd like to put in a feature request to have a translation mode where
    the entire name is visable. Perhaps something like this ...

    If no longname use msdos translation
    If shortname is "~1 " version of longname use longname
    Otherwise use shortname=longname

    or perhaps something even more ugly. The aim is obviously that a
    backup+restore will preserve _both_ names guarenteed.

    If it's combined with "nonumtail" the second rule would be modified to

    BTW: Meantime the only way I've found to be sure you get both names is to
    use the W95 LFN backup program and backup the FS as an msdos not a vfat.

    Rob. (Robert de Bath <>)
    <rdebath @> <>

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