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SubjectRe: 2.2.5-15 aic7xxx problem?
On Fri, Jul 16, 1999 at 07:04:16PM +0100, Riley Williams wrote:

> You are aware that RedHat issued a 2.2.5-22 kernel over a month ago?
> According to RedHat's errata page, this was to fix as vulnerability in
> the kernel, but I can state that the -22 kernel is far more stable on
> my systems than the -15 kernel was...

Grr, when did this turn into a RedHat support list?

If they're going to stuff all sorts of patches into their kernels then I don't
see what the point of posting bug reports about them to this list is. I don't
use RedHat and likely never will, and I expect that goes for many people here
(and yes, I agree, I don't know enough to do much in the way of tracking down
problems - yet - but I can't imagine other people don't feel this way too).

Now, I know Alan works for RedHat, so if his -acXX patches are the only things
that get added to RedHat kernels then it's a bit less of an issue. But it
would help if the bug reports talked about "2.2.5-ac2" instead of "2.2.5-22".
AIUI Alan is dealing with the stable series now anyway...

%DCL-MEM-BAD, bad memory
VMS-F-PDGERS, pudding between the ears

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