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Subject2.2.5-15 aic7xxx problem?
Hello, all.

Recently found time to upgrade to Redhat's 2.2.5-15 kernel; it works
fine. Got the corresponding source RPM and tried to compile my own --
compile went fine. Problem is, booting with the new kernel puts me in
a SCSI loop. Whereas the stock kernel gives something like this on

scsi0: blah blah
scsi0: blah blah
scsi0: blah blah
scsi1: more stuff
scsi1: more stuff
scsi1: more stuff

which is correct (aha3940 dual-channel controller), the kernel I
compiled does this:

scsi0: blah blah
scsi0: blah blah
scsi0: blah blah
scsi bus timeout

In other words, it never sees scsi1. I didn't change the SCSI setup
between the two kernels. The only thing I can think of is that I
added a sound card (ISA). I'm not sure which SCSI options Redhat
picked for the aic7xxx driver, but I compiled it into the kernel (Y),
left TCQ at 8, upped the reset timeout to 15 seconds (so I could read
the above messages), and said (N) to the extra debugging info.

My first thought was that the aic7xxx driver was buggy in 2.2.5; the
other possibility that I can come with is that the sound card is
stealing the controller's 2nd IRQ. The thing with that is that the
stock kernel boots just fine.

Should I just get a later 2.2 kernel?

If the precise error messages would be helpful, let me know, and
I'll write them down when I get home.

Thanks for any ideas :)

"There are just the two us alone in this wilderness.
I mean, am I missing something?" --Anthony Hopkins, _The Edge_

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