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SubjectRe: (reiserfs) Re: I discussed reading directories as files with jra, Stallman, and loic
> > 
> > Samba remains portable, minus Windows 2000 emulation.
> > It is easy to enhance ext2 in the same way.
> > If ext2 and BSD don't evolve, they die. Problem?
> Or NT will eventually die. Much more desirable outcome, IMO. It's
> definitely inferior design. Remember, every self-appointed UNIX-killer
> ate flaming death and UNIX is alive and well. Where is VMS? Where is
> OS/2? Where is (spit) MacOS? Exactly. They boast. They suck. They die.
> It is that simple. NT will follow them, just give it some time. New
> "UNIX-killer" will appear, only to follow the previous ones. Who cares?
Now now, while I agree that OS/2 is quite dead and hope that NT will die I
have to say one thing about VMS. It certainly is not dead! VMS is still in
use in many places, especially in large organisations like for example
here in University Hospital where I work. We keep here all our employee
and patient registers on VMS. While, I don't really care about VMS it
still is very good on various areas. For example the VMS's cluster is
definitely superior compared to many other cluster systems. Still, it is
true that no one will install new VMS that's for sure, but I'll bet we're
going to have this system here running in the year 2010 as well! :)


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