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SubjectNFS - which should I use?

I will be setting up an NFS server shortly. It will be tied up to an 100MBit
network via 3COM hardware and serve /usr, /opt and /home to about 20 (also
Linux, also not installed yet) clients. The distribution I am planning on is
Debian 2.1 (mainly because I know it and I know some tools like rsync and
rupdate, ruptime, etc which can help in such an installation).

Now. Which NFS implementation should I use? knfsd, the usual NFS, ...? The
server will do nothing much else, there is another Linux box serving ISDN
traffic, mail, proxy and all the other network stuff. It will probably be
something about a P133 with 32MB of RAM and SCSI hardware, is that enough?

Or is keeping /usr, /opt locally and using rsync/rupdate the better idea? Is
anyone working in such a constellation?

If this is not for the list, please reply by eMail. Thanks!

_ciao, Jens_______________________________
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mount -t hdev /dev/human/mouth01 /mouth ; cat /cup >/mouth/gulp

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