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SubjectRe: NFS - which should I use?
"G. Allen Morris III" <> writes:

> If you aren't planning to use locking; you can use knfsd or unfsd.
> If you do want to use locking then knfsd is your only choice.

We tried user-land nfs with 2.2.x kernels but it is somehow broken with
regard to locking. When serving /usr from nfs, the only thing that would
lock (i.e. would not work any longer) was either netscape or the whole
machine depending on mount-options with regard to locking.

knfsd seems to have other problems. We experience loss of file-handles
for special files like /tmp/.X11-unix/X0 or /dev/printer rendering the
connected applications (X or lpd) useless.

We thought we could serve everything via nfs (like we did with
2.0.x-kernels), but this does not work anymore.

Harald Kirsch

Harald Kirsch,, +49 721 6091 369 | Now I rebooted.
FhG/IITB, Fraunhoferstr.1, 76131 Karlsruhe | --- Jerry Pournelle

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