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SubjectRe: FlashPoint card hanging system (BT-950)
William Lash spake, saying:
> The change that I posted on the mailing list (adding the udelay()s to the
> OS_* macros has been working fine for me. I looked at the newest 2.2.13pre
> release and didn't see the change, so I think that you'll need to apply it by
> hand. I figure Leonard is waiting to hear other reports of success before
> he will seriously consider changing the driver.
> I hope it works for you.

Alas, it does not. I get:

BusLogic: IRQ Channel 0 illegal for FlashPoint Host Adapter
at PCI Bus 0 Device 10 I/O Addres 0xE800

every time I boot, regardless of where the card is, the arrangement of the
other cards, and the bios settings: PNP OS enabled/disabled, order of irqs
assigned, USB settings, pretty much everything. I've been using version
one of this mobo with my amd300 for almost two years 24x7, and this board
is almost identical (version two, 2MB cache, amd475 cpu), so I know all the
jumpers are right (checked 'emagain anyway). Only other clue I have is
that earlier in the boot I get:

PCI: 00 3B [1106/3040/000604] has unknown header type 00, ignoring

I have a BusLogic FlashPoint LW BT-950R, FIC 2013v2 2MB mobo, AMD K6-2/475
cpu. The old mobo is FIC2013v1, 1MB cache, old cpu is AMD K6-2/300.

Is there anything else I can try? I've found where in the source the error
comes from - the pci_<something> call in BusLogic.c returns the correct
values for everything except IRQ. I'm at a loss.


Urmane Hendrake "Anti-wrinkle cream there may be, but anti-fat-bastard cream there is not." Dave, The Full Monty

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