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SubjectRe: draft for review - press release
On Fri, 15 Jan 1999, Riley Williams wrote:

> B) My experience has been that a minimum of 6M of RAM is needed to
> install Linux, although it'll quite happily run in 4M afterwards.

I've seen reports on linux-embedded that it's still possible to boot with
2M. "Installation" is a function of the distribution.

> > A complete GNU/Linux system, complete with kernel sources, X
> > windows and various applications requires approximately 80MBytes of
> > hard disk space.
> D) Where does that 80M of disk space come from? Since the unpacked
> 2.2.0-preX kernel sources all take up around 50M on their own,
> that figure looks rather low...

It's not really a useful number. For instance, it ignores the fact that
you can boot off a floppy and still have a useful piece of software, like
linux-router or tomsrtbt. Most people don't need the kernel sources. Etc.

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