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SubjectRe: draft for review - press release
Hi Greg.

> earlier today I said I would draft up a press release for when
> linux 2.2.0 gets released because of the publicity. Anyway here it
> is. Please have a look and give me any suggestions that you might
> have. In particular I would like to order new features by
> importance, I'm sure I've missed some too. If people feel this job
> should be taken on by someone who has a high profile then I'll
> happily hand it over (i.e. I won't take it personally).

Just a few general comments...


> The Linux kernel development team has released stable kernel
> version 2.2.0. This release emcompasses the bug fixes and
> enhancements of the 2.1.xx series of development kernels, and the
> 2.2.0 pre-release kernel series. This release supercedes stable
> kernel v2.0.36, and is intended for inclusion in GNU/Linux
> distributions.

> System Requirements of Linux kernel version 2.2.0:

> The minimum system requirements to run Linux 2.2.0 are a computer
> with a i386, i486, i586 or compatible processor, a single floppy
> drive and 5MBytes of RAM. A minimum of 8MBytes of RAM is
> recommended for good performance.

A) There are non-ix86 processors that can run Linux.

B) My experience has been that a minimum of 6M of RAM is needed to
install Linux, although it'll quite happily run in 4M afterwards.

> A complete GNU/Linux system, complete with kernel sources, X
> windows and various applications requires approximately 80MBytes of
> hard disk space.

C) Get rid of the GNU/Linux - the FSF may like it, but the journalists
and the like who will be most interested in press releases just get
confused by it, so produce more unwanted FUD...

D) Where does that 80M of disk space come from? Since the unpacked
2.2.0-preX kernel sources all take up around 50M on their own,
that figure looks rather low...

I will add that I do have a system running RedHat Linux 5.1 on a
386 with only 50M of hard disk space, but that's because /usr is
NFS mounted...and there's no linux sources on it either...

> The Linux kernel is available for several processors including
> Alpha, m68k, sparc and powerPC platforms. Other CPU ports are
> becoming available, including ARM and other risc processors.

Merge this paragraph with the "Minimum Requirements" processor details
above - at the moment, it contradicts what you say there...

I see nothing wrong with the rest of it though...

Best wishes from Riley.


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