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    SubjectRe: Yet more VM writable swap-cached pages
    Ganesh Sittampalam wrote:

    > Jul 9 18:27:30 munchkin kernel: VM: Found a writable swap-cached page!
    > Jul 9 18:27:30 munchkin kernel: pte 6a8042, vma flags 00000070, page
    > flags 0000028c, count 2
    > Jul 9 18:27:30 munchkin kernel: page=c0206f80@0017da00, found=c0206f80,
    > count=3

    The pte value above is very puzzling -- it says that the page is not
    present, in which case the "writable" bit means PROT_NONE, not writable.
    The pte value is tested immediately after dereferencing the page table
    to make sure it's present, so I don't see how we could reach this point
    without the page being present.

    Maybe this is a compiler bug after all ...


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