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SubjectRe: Progress! was: Re: Yet more VM writable swap-cached pages
Stephen C. Tweedie wrote:

> Thanks --- this tells us exactly what has gone wrong, I think.
> Something, somewhere, (electric fence, perhaps?) has set up a region of
> memory with no access allowed. There is a page mapped, but it is not
> visible to the process: somebody has done an mprotect() to eliminate the
> visibility of the page. That clears the _PAGE_PRESENT bit on the pte
> but keeps the _PAGE_PROTNONE bit set, and _PAGE_PROTNONE is an alias for
> _PAGE_RW!! That's the trouble: the pte_write() test to see if a page is
> writable tests the _PAGE_RW bit but fails to first of all check whether
> or not _PAGE_PRESENT is set in the first place.
> I've just tried to reproduce this with the program at the end, which
> creates page of local memory, allows it to be swapped out, then pages it
> in and marks it PROT_NONE.

Hi Stephen,

Glad to see you've got the "writable" swap problem figured out, and it
turned out not to be a problem with the swap at all. In my searches for
the problem I had overlooked the interaction between the PRESENT and

Interestingly enough, the patch I posted last week for mm/mprotect.c
immediately reported the problem when I ran your test program. I got:

[root@acer /root]# ./protnone

[1]+ Stopped (signal) ./protnone
[root@acer /root]# %
mprotect: swapped page now writable

[1]+ Stopped (signal) ./protnone

The patch makes the same test for pte_present and pte_write as the
vmscan code, and so was confused in the same way as the test in

Hopefully any remaining swap bugs won't be so hard to track down ...


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