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    SubjectRe: ext2_free_block already cleared for block xxxx
    In article <> you write:
    > Hello, People !
    >Could you please say, what does this mean:
    >Jul 4 21:54:41 hydroel kernel: EXT2-fs warning (device 03:41):
    >ext2_free_blocks: bit already cleared for block 370367
    >At first, what is "03:41" ? I always thought here have to be major:minor
    >device number, but 3:41 is ttyr9....
    >Anyway, I checked all my file systems and found no errors... Now it pops ip
    >in my log very often......
    >Can somebody help ?

    Well, the last time it showed up for me (around 2.1.1x), my ext2fs slowly
    detoriated to death. (I suspected some out of DMA buffers with my Adaptec 2940U)

    I suggest forcing an immediate fsck on that disk (see the other mails).

    Ciao, Marcus

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