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SubjectRe: Race conditions galore (2.0.33 and possibly 2.1.x)
Very observant, James.  The differences can be easily explained though.
It's because the startup-messages where from five reboots earlier.
In an attempt to fix the problem, I told the motherboard to assign
specific IRQs to specific PCI slots. This caused the IRQ allocation
to change. Sorry for the confusion.

>> ncr53c875-0: rev=0x03, base=0xe6800000, io_port=0xd800, irq=11
> Please Note: ^^^^^^

>> ncr53c875-0: requesting shared irq 11 (dev_id=0x90080)
> Please Note: ^^^^^^

>> $ cat /proc/pci

>> SCSI storage controller: NCR 53c875 (rev 3).
>> Medium devsel. IRQ 9. Master Capable. Latency=144. Min
> Please Note: ^^^^^^
>......... ???????
Stephen R. van den Berg (AKA BuGless).

"I don't object to sex before marriage, but two minutes before?!?"

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