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SubjectRe: [tech-board] [PATCH 00/11] xz: Updates to license, filters, and compression options
On Fri, 29 Mar 2024 14:51:41 -0600 Jonathan Corbet <> wrote:

> > Andrew (and anyone else), please do not take this code right now.
> >
> > Until the backdooring of upstream xz[1] is fully understood, we should not
> > accept any code from Jia Tan, Lasse Collin, or any other folks associated
> > with It appears the domain, or at least credentials
> > associated with Jia Tan, have been used to create an obfuscated ssh
> > server backdoor via the xz upstream releases since at least 5.6.0.
> > Without extensive analysis, we should not take any associated code.
> > It may be worth doing some retrospective analysis of past contributions
> > as well...
> >
> > Lasse, are you able to comment about what is going on here?
> FWIW, it looks like this series has been in linux-next for a few days.
> Maybe it needs to come out, for now at least?

Yes, I have removed that series.

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