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SubjectRe: [GIT PULL] ksmbd server fixes
On Sat, May 20, 2023 at 10:14 PM Steve French <> wrote:
> Four ksmbd server fixes:

This reply is not really directly related to this pull (which I just
did), but more of a reaction to getting the cifs and ksmbd pulls next
to each other again.

We talked about directory layout issues some time ago, and there's
kind of beginnings of it, but it never happened, and the parts that
*did* happen I'm not super-happy about. That "fs/smbfs_common/"
subdirectory is just fairly ugly.

Would you mind horribly to just bite the bullet, and rename things,
and put it all under "smbfs". Something like

mkdir fs/smbfs
git mv fs/cifs fs/smbfs/client
git mv fs/ksmbd fs/smbfs/server
git mv fs/smbfs_common fs/smbfs/common

plus the required Makefile editing to just make it all build right?

And if you prefer just "fs/smb" over "fs/smbfs", that sounds fine to
me too, but I guess this all really does just the filesystem part
(rather than all the printing and whatever other stuff that smb also

I dunno. I just feel like the current organization and naming is this
odd half-way state, and we could just fairly easily do the above.

I could do it myself, of course, and git will sort out any rename
issues. But me doing it seems silly when you maintain all three


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