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SubjectRe: [GIT PULL] fscache: I/O API modernisation and netfs helper library
So I'm looking at this early, because I have more time now than I will
have during the merge window, and honestly, your pull requests have
been problematic in the past.

The PG_fscache bit waiting functions are completely crazy. The comment
about "this will wake up others" is actively wrong, and the waiting
function looks insane, because you're mixing the two names for
"fscache" which makes the code look totally incomprehensible. Why
would we wait for PF_fscache, when PG_private_2 was set? Yes, I know
why, but the code looks entirely nonsensical.

So just looking at the support infrastructure changes, I get a big "Hmm".

But the thing that makes me go "No, I won't pull this", is that it has
all the same hallmark signs of trouble that I've complained about
before: I see absolutely zero sign of "this has more developers

There's not a single ack from a VM person for the VM changes. There's
no sign that this isn't yet another "David Howells went off alone and
did something that absolutely nobody else cared about".

See my problem? I need to be convinced that this makes sense outside
of your world, and it's not yet another thing that will cause problems
down the line because nobody else really ever used it or cared about
it until we hit a snag.


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