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SubjectRe: [GIT PULL] fscache: I/O API modernisation and netfs helper library
Linus Torvalds <> wrote:

> The PG_fscache bit waiting functions are completely crazy. The comment
> about "this will wake up others" is actively wrong,

You mean this?

* unlock_page_fscache - Unlock a page pinned with PG_fscache
* @page: The page
* Unlocks the page and wakes up sleepers in wait_on_page_fscache(). Also
* wakes those waiting for the lock and writeback bits because the wakeup
* mechanism is shared. But that's OK - those sleepers will just go back to
* sleep.

Actually, you're right. The wakeup check func is evaluated by the
waker-upper. I can fix the comment with a patch.

> and the waiting function looks insane, because you're mixing the two names
> for "fscache" which makes the code look totally incomprehensible. Why would
> we wait for PF_fscache, when PG_private_2 was set? Yes, I know why, but the
> code looks entirely nonsensical.

IIRC someone insisted that I should make it a generic name and put the
accessor functions in the fscache headers (which means they aren't available
to core code), but I don't remember who (maybe Andrew? it was before mid-2007)
- kind of like PG_checked is an alias for PG_owner_priv_1.

I'd be quite happy to move the accessors for PG_fscache to the
linux/page-flags.h as that would simplify things.


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