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SubjectRe: Kernel version numbers after 4.9.255 and 4.4.255
On Thu, Feb 04, 2021 at 09:19:33PM +0100, Christoph Biedl wrote:
> David Laight wrote...
> > A full wrap might catch checks for less than (say) 4.4.2 which
> > might be present to avoid very early versions.
> > So sticking at 255 or wrapping onto (say) 128 to 255 might be better.
> Hitting such version checks still might happen, though.

By who? For what?

> Also, any wrapping introduces a real risk package managers will see
> version numbers running backwards and therefore will refrain from
> installing an actually newer version.

package managers do not take the version from this macro, do they? If
they do, please show me which ones.


greg k-h

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