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SubjectRe: Kernel version numbers after 4.9.255 and 4.4.255
David Laight wrote...

> A full wrap might catch checks for less than (say) 4.4.2 which
> might be present to avoid very early versions.
> So sticking at 255 or wrapping onto (say) 128 to 255 might be better.

Hitting such version checks still might happen, though.

Also, any wrapping introduces a real risk package managers will see
version numbers running backwards and therefore will refrain from
installing an actually newer version.

For scripts/package/builddeb (I don't use that, though), you could work
around by setting an epoch, i.e. (untested)

-$sourcename ($packageversion) $distribution; urgency=low
+$sourcename (1:$packageversion) $distribution; urgency=low

but every packaging mechanism in-tree and outside should adopt such a
change, if even possible. Which is why this feels bad.

Possibly I am missing something: What's the reason to not use
EXTRAVERSION as back in the old 2.6.x.y days, so change to and
so on? Well, unless there are still installations who treat 4.4.255 as


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