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SubjectRe: [PATCH 5/5] perf: arm_spe: Decode SVE events
Hi Andre,

On Mon, Sep 28, 2020 at 11:15:53AM +0100, André Przywara wrote:


> > So my summary for patches 02 ~ 05, except patch 04, other changes has
> > been included in the patch set "perf arm-spe: Refactor decoding &
> > dumping flow".
> Ah, my sincere apologies, I totally missed Wei's and your series on this
> (although I did some research on "prior art").

No worries!

> > I'd like to add your patch 04 into the patch set "perf arm-spe:
> > Refactor decoding & dumping flow" and I will respin the patch set v2 on
> > the latest perf/core branch and send out to review.
> >
> > For patch 01, you could continue to try to land it in the kernel.
> > (Maybe consolidate a bit with Wei?).
> >
> > Do you think this is okay for you?
> Yes, sounds like a plan. So Wei's original series is now fully
> integrated into your 13-patch rework, right?

Thanks for confirmation.

You could see Wei's patch set has 4 patches [1]. I only picked the
patch 02 [2] from Wei's patch set into my refactoring patch set; the
patch 01 is for enabling driver for SVE events, the patches 03/04
introduced new synthesized events.

Patches 03 / 04 should be considered carefully and it's good to prove
these synthesized events will be useful for user cases before upstream
them. The reason is AFAIK a good direction to generate SPE trace data
for memory events [3], and for SVE, I think we should firstly consider
if can reuse the memory event for profiling rather than adding new
synthesized events.

So I prefer to give priority for patches 01 / 02.

> Is "[RESEND,v1,xx/13] ..." the latest revision of your series?


> Do you plan on sending a v2 anytime soon? Or shall I do review on the
> existing one?

For saving time, let me respin patch set v2 and send to LKML (hope in
next 1~2 days). Then you could review patch set v2.



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