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Subject[PATCH 0/6] perf tools: Add wallclock time conversion support
this patchset is based on changes made by David Ahern long time ago.
The perf code moved a lot since then, but the idea is the same.

The patchset is adding the ability to display TOD/wallclock timestamp
in 'perf script' output and in 'perf data convert --to-ctf' subcommand,
so the converted CTF data contain TOD/wallclock timestamps.

It's done by adding new header FEATURE 'CLOCK_DATA' to, that
stores reference times for both TOD/wallclock time and for the clock that
perf record is configured to use. These reference times are then used to
convert sample's timestamps to TOD/wallclock timestamps.

The feature is available only for recording with clockid specified,
because it's the only case where we can get reference time to TOD/wallclock
time. We can't do that with perf clock yet.

Also available in here:


Jiri Olsa (6):
perf tools: Add clockid_name function
perf tools: Store clock references for -k/--clockid option
perf tools: Move clockid_res_ns under clock struct
perf tools: Add support to store time of day in CTF data conversion
perf script: Change enum perf_output_field values to be 64 bits
perf script: Add tod field to display time of day

tools/perf/Documentation/perf-data.txt | 3 ++
tools/perf/Documentation/ | 13 +++++++
tools/perf/builtin-data.c | 1 +
tools/perf/builtin-record.c | 58 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++--
tools/perf/builtin-script.c | 195 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++----------------------------------
tools/perf/util/data-convert-bt.c | 56 ++++++++++++++++++-----------
tools/perf/util/data-convert.h | 1 +
tools/perf/util/env.h | 14 +++++++-
tools/perf/util/header.c | 120 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++---
tools/perf/util/header.h | 1 +
tools/perf/util/util.h | 2 ++
11 files changed, 371 insertions(+), 93 deletions(-)

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