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SubjectRe: [Issue]platform/x86: iommu: System can't shutdown because iommu driver keeps checking the status of DMA_GSTS_TES
Hi Koba Ko,

On 2020/6/15 11:19, Koba Ko wrote:
> hi All,
> I have a machine and there's only intel gpu.
> the secureboot and vt-d is enabled in BIOS.
> On the Ubuntu desktop, I do s2idle first and restart the machine.
> The machine can't restart successfully, so I need to press the
> power button to shutdown.
> I tried  each of the following and the issue can't be triggered.
> 1. disable secure boot in BIOS.
> 2. intel_iommu=off.
> 3. intel_iomm=igfx_off.
> 4. nomodeset
> 5. i915.modeset=0.
> After I investigate further, find inte_iommu keeps checking the status
> During the procedure of restart, the driver would disable iommu
> translation and
> check status of DMA_GSTS_TES until status of DMA_GSTS_TES is 0.
> If you need more information, I can provide it.

Do you mind telling what platform is it?

Best regards,

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