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SubjectRe: [net-next RFC PATCH 00/13] net: hsr: Add PRP driver
Hi Murali,

On Tue, 26 May 2020 at 17:12, Murali Karicheri <> wrote:
> Hi Vladimir,

> I haven't looked the spec for 802.1CB. If they re-use HSR/PRP Tag in the
> L2 protocol it make sense to enhance the driver. Else I don't see any
> re-use possibility. Do you know the above?
> Thanks
> Murali

IEEE 802.1CB redundancy tag sits between Source MAC address and
Ethertype or any VLAN tag, is 6 bytes in length, of which:
- first 2 bytes are the 0xf1c1 EtherType
- next 2 bytes are reserved
- last 2 bytes are the sequence number
There is also a pre-standard version of the IEEE 802.1CB redundancy
tag, which is only 4 bytes in length. I assume vendors of pre-standard
equipment will want to have support for this 4-byte tag as well, as
well as a mechanism of converting between HSR/PRP/pre-standard 802.1CB
tag on one set of ports, and 802.1CB on another set of ports.

> --
> Murali Karicheri
> Texas Instruments


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