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SubjectRe: [net-next RFC PATCH 00/13] net: hsr: Add PRP driver
Hi Vladimir,

Vladimir Oltean <> writes:
>> I don't really like these prefixes, I am thinking of when support for
>> IEEE 802.1CB is added, do we rename this to "hsr_prp_frer"?
>> And it gets even more complicated, and using 802.1CB you can configure
>> the tagging method and the stream identification function so a system
>> can interoperate in a HSR or PRP network.
> Is it a given that 802.1CB in Linux should be implemented using an hsr
> upper device?

What I was trying to express is the idea of using "hsr" as the directory
name/prefix for all the features that deal with frame replication for
reliability, including 802.1CB. At least until we find a better name.

> 802.1CB is _much_ more flexible than both HSR and PRP. You can have
> more than 2 ports, you can have per-stream rules (each stream has its
> own sequence number), and those rules can identify the source, the
> destination, or both the source and the destination.

Same understanding here.


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