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SubjectRe: [RT PATCH] Fixed: line break of pr_cont not take effect
Thank you. I added Sebastian Siewior and linux-rt-users to the addresses
since this is a patch against PREEMPT_RT.

On 2020-05-23, <> wrote:
> Line break of pr_cont not take effect.
> Use several pr_cont to print continuous paragraph, it is expected to
> have line break when line ends up with '\n', however the paragraph
> does not have line break
> -printk_kthread_func will not print info before log_store insert msg
> into printk_rb, and pr_cont calls cont_add to keep data in buffer.
> cont_add only when the following conditions are met insert msg to
> printk_rb
> 1.cpu != c->cpu_owner || !(flags & LOG_CONT)
> 2.c->len + len > sizeof(c->buf)
> Signed-off-by: 汪勇10269566 <>

Acked-by: John Ogness <>

@Sebastian: The original patch submission is here[0].

John Ogness


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