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SubjectRe: [patch V9 00/39] x86/entry: Rework leftovers (was part V)
Thomas Gleixner <> writes:
> Boris Ostrovsky <> writes:
>> On 5/21/20 4:05 PM, Thomas Gleixner wrote:
>>> The full series is available from:
>>> git:// entry-v9-the-rest
>> Did you mean noinstr-v9-the-rest? I don't see entry-v9-the-rest tag.
> Bah. Yes.
>> (Also, this series as posted probably won't build. At least based on
>> definition of get_and_clear_inhcall() in patch 13)
> Darn. I'm very sure that I built this and then did some final cleanups.

Just figured out why i did not notice: The final test had preemption
enabled ...

Fixed and pushed and the tag is now correct

git:// entry-v9-the-rest

/me goes and rumages in the brown paperbag supply stash.



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