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Subject[patch V9 00/39] x86/entry: Rework leftovers (was part V)

This is V9 of the rework series. V7 and V8 were never posted but I used the
version numbers for tags while fixing up 0day complaints. The last posted
version was V6 which can be found here:

The V9 leftover series is based on:

git:// x86/entry

That branch contains the merged part 1-4 of the original 5 part series.

V9 has the following changes vs. V6:

- Rebase on tip x86/entry

- Simplified the hardware latency detector changes by moving the
invocation to the right place in nmi_enter/exit() and annotate it.

- Reworked the conditional RCU handling so it is now used
unconditionally everywhere. That simplified the idtentry_enter/exit
code significantly and also allowed to simplify the XEN hypercall
voluntary preemption handling.

- Moved the run on irq stack logic into an inline to avoid having the
same conditionals all over the place and fixed up the relevant places.

- Picked up Acked-by and Reviewed-by tags where appropriate.

The full series is available from:

git:// entry-v9-the-rest

If we agree on the RCU changes, then these will be applied into the core/rcu branch
first so Paul can pick them up to avoid the next conflict horrors.



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