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SubjectDMA, TTM and memory encryption
Hi, Christoph,

It would be good to revisit this to see if we could set a direction for
supporting user-space mapping of dma-coherent memory with TTM.

I think in the end, what TTM needs is a DMA interface similar to the one
outlined here:

That could without too much effort be implemented for all architectures
TTM supports and also for those weird architectures you've described
that need special treatment, it would probably suffice with a more
elaborate definition of the dma_pfn_t together with the dma coherent
fault work you were suggesting earlier.

Regardless, once this patchset is in,

a short term solution would be to export the dma_pgprot() function and
have TTM use it to set the pgprot for dma-coherent memory.

What do you think about this?



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