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SubjectRe: [PATCH] media input infrastructure:tw686x: Fix of possibleinconsistent memory deallocation and/or race condition by implementation of custom video_device_release function in tw686x driver
Hi Hans, all,

Sorry for the poor patching, I am a student and as you may tell still new
to this system. At the time of the patching, I wasn't fully informed of
all the requirements that go into such things, and am still learning.

Would it be alright if I submit a report instead? In order to, I am
(still, sorry) trying to understand the issue at hand. How in fact may the
release() callback be overridden (by a tw686x-specific function) to free
the dma memory and call video_device_release()? To my understanding at the
time, this was merely a re-implementation of video_device_release with
said requirements and subtraction of extra features from

This release() callback is called by the V4L2 framework when the last user
of the device closes its filehandle, so that's a good point to free all
the memory. Doing it earlier (as the current code does) runs the risk that someone might
still access that memory, and you don't want that.

Yes, I definitely don't want that. :)

Thank you,

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