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SubjectRe: [PATCH] media input infrastructure:tw686x...
Hi Mark,

On 7/31/19 6:32 PM, Mark Balantzyan wrote:
> Hi Hans, all,
> Sorry for the poor patching, I am a student and as you may tell still
> new to this system. At the time of the patching, I wasn't fully informed
> of all the requirements that go into such things, and am still learning.
> Would it be alright if I submit a report instead? In order to, I am
> (still, sorry) trying to understand the issue at hand. How in fact may
> the release() callback be overridden (by a tw686x-specific function) to
> free the dma memory and call video_device_release()? To my understanding
> at the time, this was merely a re-implementation of video_device_release
> with said requirements and subtraction of extra features from
> tw686x_video_free()..

Sorry, you'll need to discuss this with your mentor. I really don't have
time to look at reports or anything like that. I'm a media subsystem
maintainer, not your mentor. And I expect that you spend time trying to
understand the code by looking at how other drivers do this and look at
kernel documentation like this:



>     This release() callback is called by the V4L2 framework when the
> last user
>     of the device closes its filehandle, so that's a good point to free
> all
>     the memory. Doing it earlier (as the current code does) runs the
> risk that someone might
>     still access that memory, and you don't want that.
> Yes, I definitely don't want that. :)
> Thank you,
> Mark

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