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Subject[PATCH v2 0/4] Add support for Marvell 98DX1135
The Marvell 98DX1135 is a switch chip with an integrated ARMv5 CPU, it is
similar to the 98DX4122 with differences in clocking and pin control.

I haven't added a separate dts for the SoC since it would be so similar to

Changes in v2:
- Update description of mv98dx1135-core-clock
- Collect review from Andrew

Chris Packham (4):
dt-bindings: pinctrl: mvebu: Document bindings for 98DX1135
dt-bindings: clock: mvebu: Add compatible string for 98dx1135 core
pinctrl: mvebu: Add support for MV98DX1135
clk: kirkwood: Add support for MV98DX1135

.../bindings/clock/mvebu-core-clock.txt | 1 +
.../pinctrl/marvell,kirkwood-pinctrl.txt | 44 +-
drivers/clk/mvebu/kirkwood.c | 17 +
drivers/pinctrl/mvebu/pinctrl-kirkwood.c | 576 +++++++++---------
4 files changed, 357 insertions(+), 281 deletions(-)


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