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SubjectRe: Linux 4.19-rc4 released, an apology, and a maintainership note
On 2018-09-17 23:09, Michael Woods wrote:
> The Code of Conflict was perfectly fine. Whomever convinced you to add
> the Code of Conduct was convincing you to give control over to a
> social justice initiative that has no interest in the kernel's core
> function or reason for existence.

Hi Michael,

and how about if we viewed the new Code of Conduct as about the same
thing as BitKeeper was for the development process?

It was not perfect, but wass *something* for a start. And I believe that
Linus will probably come back with a Git of CoC, or something in that

I've been always looking up to the guys leading major community projects
and how they go about things - and I think, that most of the bad
fall-out in them is caused by insanely high expectations - firstly from
the leader themselves, and secondly from others as well.


P.S.: this is my first "contribution" to LKML, I hope to start sending
up some of my very prototype work soon for discussion, regarding the
Cgroup subsystem ID allocation & limits - and subsequently, start a
discussion about getting Linux to do better OS-level containers (ie.
those, which have a "look&feel of a real VM" from the admin's

We started our organization ( on top of OpenVZ patch set and
are now working to get vanilla up to the task of replacing the venerable
2.6.32-based OpenVZ 6 Linux-like thing. The new Code of Conduct is a
guarantee for us, that we won't be laughed out of the room and that our
members won't be demotivated to contribute upstream - if we can all
agree to be nice on each other; yet we still need you guys to tell us,
when we're trying stupid things or going about things the wrong way, in
some way that we will notice & can learn from.
If I understand the context correctly, the previous "regime" could be
the culprit, at least to some extent, why still don't have the VM
look&feel-having containers with vanilla. So I'm just really trying to
say, that I'm really excited about the signal this change has sent.

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