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SubjectRe: [...] an apology, and a maintainership note
> When you look yourself in the mirror, I want you to see that guy who codes
> in a bathrobe instead of a sweet-talking lying politician.

This is why we need more empathy. There is no need for you to decide what
Linus sees once he looks into the mirror. You are projecting your own
thoughts and emotions onto him.

> Being honest means sometimes saying non-nice things.

Also I don't think being honest and being nice are mutually exclusive.
If someone does something in a bad way, it is actually nice to point that
out. But cursing is not really needed for this. In my experience cursing is
an indication that the mind is not calm, and therefore one is not making
the best possible decisions - which of course results in an not optimal

@Linus: I think it is a very wise decision to take some time off for empathy
training. If your subconscious told you to avoid the summit, it is smart to
figure out where this comes from. I personally have found mindfulness
meditation to be a very helpful tool in becoming more empathetic, but I am
sure you are able to achieve your goal without my humble input. I admire
your work.

Kind Regards,

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