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Subject4.13 on thinkpad x220: oops when writing to SD card
To: Adrian Hunter <>
Cc: Shawn Lin <>, Pavel Machek <>,,
kernel list <>
Subject: Re: 4.13 on thinkpad x220: oops when writing to SD card
In-Reply-To: <>


> > Seems 4.13-rc4 was already broken for that but unfortuantely
> > I didn't
> > reproduce that. So maybe Seraphime can do git-bisect as he said "I get
> > it everytime" for which I assume it could be easy for him to find out
> > the problematic commit?

I can reliably reproduce it, although sometimes it needs some more work.
For example, I couldn't trigger it while writing less than 1 gigabyte
and sometimes I have to do it more than once. It helps if the machine is
doing something else in meantime, I do kernel builds.

> Another unrelated issue with mmc_init_request() is that
> mmc_exit_request()
> is not called if mmc_init_request() fails, which means mmc_init_request()
> must free anything it allocates when it fails.

Will try the patch and report back soon.

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