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Subjectvirtio_net: ethtool supported link modes

Looking at the code in virtnet_set_link_ksettings, it seems the speed
and duplex can be set to any valid value. The driver will "remember"
them and report them back in virtnet_get_link_ksettings.

However, the supported link modes (link_modes.supported in struct
ethtool_link_ksettings) is always 0, indicating that no speed/duplex
setting is supported.

Does it make more sense to set (at least a few of) the supported link
modes, such as 10baseT_Half ... 10000baseT_Full?

I would expect to see consistency between what is reported in
link_modes.supported and what can actually be set. Could you please
share your opinion on this?

Thank you,
Radu Rendec

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