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Subject[PATCH v2] Kbuild: make designated_init attribute fatal
If a structure is marked with __attribute__((designated_init)) from
GCC or Sparse, it needs to have all static initializers using designated
initialization. Fail the build for any missing cases. This attribute will
be used by the randstruct plugin to make sure randomized structures are
being correctly initialized.

Signed-off-by: Kees Cook <>
v2: update subject to more clearly describe change, Masahiro Yamada
Makefile | 3 +++
1 file changed, 3 insertions(+)

diff --git a/Makefile b/Makefile
index b841fb36beb2..142ab7b96130 100644
--- a/Makefile
+++ b/Makefile
@@ -795,6 +795,9 @@ KBUILD_CFLAGS += $(call cc-option,-Werror=date-time)
# enforce correct pointer usage
KBUILD_CFLAGS += $(call cc-option,-Werror=incompatible-pointer-types)

+# Require designated initializers for all marked structures
+KBUILD_CFLAGS += $(call cc-option,-Werror=designated-init)
# use the deterministic mode of AR if available
KBUILD_ARFLAGS := $(call ar-option,D)


Kees Cook
Pixel Security

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