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Subject[PATCH] arch/tile: mark as orphaned
The chip family of TILEPro and TILE-Gx was developed by Tilera,
which was eventually acquired by Mellanox. The tile architecture
was added to the kernel in 2010 and first appeared in 2.6.36.
Now at Mellanox we are developing new chips based on the ARM64
architecture; our last TILE-Gx chip (the Gx72) was released in 2013,
and our customers using tile architecture products are not, as far
as we know, looking to upgrade to newer kernel releases. In the
absence of someone in the community stepping up to take over
maintainership, this commit marks the architecture as orphaned.

Cc: Chris Metcalf <>
Signed-off-by: Chris Metcalf <>

This is my last week at Mellanox, and in the absence of customer
engagements, it doesn't seem to make sense to transition the tile
architecture maintainer role over to some other Mellanox employee.
It would be great if someone in the community were interested in
taking over!

I'm also open to a community consensus suggesting that I just
"git rm" the tile-related code instead of tagging it as orphaned,
but my sense is that that's something the community can address
later if no one steps up over a period of several releases to take
over ownership.

Note the Cc: tag on this commit; further kernel work (in particular
the task-isolation patch series, which sprang out of some early
Tilera work) will continue to come from that email address.

1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 3 deletions(-)

index 2d3d750b19c0..67cf1db6cde4 100644
@@ -13458,10 +13458,8 @@ F: drivers/net/wireless/ti/
F: include/linux/wl12xx.h

-M: Chris Metcalf <>
-T: git git://
-S: Supported
+S: Orphan
F: arch/tile/
F: drivers/char/tile-srom.c
F: drivers/edac/tile_edac.c
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