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SubjectRe: v4.14-rc3/arm64 DABT exception in atomic_inc() / __skb_clone()
On Wed, Oct 25, 2017 at 2:24 PM, Willem de Bruijn
<> wrote:
> On Sat, Oct 21, 2017 at 9:56 PM, Wei Wei <> wrote:
>> I have uploaded the VM core dump [1]. And I don’t know if these logs are helpful in the case of
>> failing to get the C reproducer currently.
>> [1]
> Thanks. So this would be the atomic_inc on shb_shinfo(skb)->dataref, which
> matches the __ll_sc_atomic_add in Mark's trace.
> Debugging with crash shows 0xffff800071bb3180 and 0xffff800071bb2c80
> to be valid skbuffs of len 40, no sk, both pointing to the same head.
> That is indeed unaligned: head = 0xffff8000327c80c9 "", end = 256, giving
> skb_shared_info at 0xffff8000327c81c9 and &skb_shared_info(skb)->dataref
> at 0xffff8000327c81c9 + 36 == 0xffff8000327c81ed

From skb->dev and netdev_priv, the tun device has flags 0x1002 ==
IFF_TAP | IFF_NO_PI. This kernel precedes the recent support for
IFF_NAPI and IFF_NAPI_FRAGS. The allocation most likely happened
in tun_build_skb from current->task_frag. It would be a previous
allocation that left alloc_frag->offset unaligned. But perhaps this code
needs to perform alignment before setting skb->head. At least on
platforms where atomic on dataref must be aligned.

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