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SubjectRE: v4.14-rc3/arm64 DABT exception in atomic_inc() / __skb_clone()
From: Willem de Bruijn
> Sent: 25 October 2017 19:50
> From skb->dev and netdev_priv, the tun device has flags 0x1002 ==
> IFF_TAP | IFF_NO_PI. This kernel precedes the recent support for
> IFF_NAPI and IFF_NAPI_FRAGS. The allocation most likely happened
> in tun_build_skb from current->task_frag. It would be a previous
> allocation that left alloc_frag->offset unaligned. But perhaps this code
> needs to perform alignment before setting skb->head.
> At least on platforms where atomic on dataref must be aligned.

Isn't that true of almost everything?
I'm not even sure x86 always (ever?) manages locked cycles on
misaligned addresses.


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