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Date and git send-email: 5.1.2 The recipient address <)> is not a valid
Hi Joe,

Some time ago I started using git send-email with --cc-cmd and I liked it and it worked fine until I tried to send
ubifs patch patch. I got this:
Send this email? ([y]es|[n]o|[q]uit|[a]ll): y
5.1.2 The recipient address <> is not a valid
5.1.2 RFC-5321 address. j11sm4705544lfe.27 - gsmtp

I suspect there may be some problem with MAINTAINERS entries using braces.

Could you take a look at following try?

wget -O mtd.patch
git send-email --cc-cmd="scripts/" mtd.patch

It results in:
(cc-cmd) Adding cc: (open list:UBI FILE
SYSTEM (UBIFS)) from: 'scripts/'
and Cc-ing: (open list:UBI FILE SYSTEM (UBIFS)

Is this something to fix at level?


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